As a pioneer of the China’s temporal soundproof curtains, our experienced team has been developing independent tested temporary noise control solutions with outstanding globally proved performance.

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Our Soundproof Curtains

The thick soundproof curtain was first developed by us in 2012 due to customer’s request of industrial soundproof curtains for interior machine noise control. With years of direct experience in acoustics, we soon realize the soundproof curtains can’t just be industrial soundproofing curtains for factory machine, the problems caused by noise pollution in worksites and live events demanding a solution just like our sound curtains.

With a groundbreaking approach and an in-depth commitment to innovation and R & D, we tried to improve the sound proof curtains in 2013. In a short period of time, we have achieved an exponential success, supplying 18mm thick soundproof curtains for some big companies and helping them become a leading supplier of soundproof curtains in construction site of road, rail, and live entertainment.

We continue to innovate, with the continuous improvement of research and development capabilities to expand the scope of market-leading solutions.


Brief History of Our Company

May 2017

Progress in Australia

Performance and innovation go hand in hand. Like the success in Europe, we become the OEM factory for a famous Australia company and large quantity of soundproof curtains were exported.

March, 2016

Growth Continues

International expansion continues. Maintain the big quantity exporting to Europe.

February, 2015

Further Innovation

The new fireproof soundproof curtain was officially launched.

August, 2014

Export to Europe

Under OEM terms, big quantity of our soundproofing curtains were exported to Europe.

December, 2013

First Large Quantity Project

The thick curtains soundproof solution was selected by the contractor for the construction of a big bridge project which requires 5000m2 in Hong Kong.

October, 2012

The Birth

Soundproof curtain was created and first introduced to the noise control market.

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