October 2, 2017

Sound Deadening Blanket & Top 8 Noisy Jobs

Sound Deadening Blanket As a company that provides noise management solutions sound deadening blanket for multiple industries, we identified 8 occupations that cause serious health problems. With a noise level of up to 140 dB, the airport group crew is on the top of the list. The noise produced by jet engines in landing and […]

About Acoustics
October 2, 2017

Heavy Curtains for Soundproofing

Heavy Curtains for Soundproofing Heavy curtains for soundproofing are a flexible curtain like blanket that can be hung around virtually any noise source for noise absorption and insulation. With years of experience, our acoustic engineers continue to research and develop heavy duty moving blankets to ensure that we maintain our market leadership in the industry. […]

Product News
July 1, 2017

Wall Blankets

Wall Blankets Noise wall blankets are a new solution for noise pollution, which is an increasingly important issue for both business and industrial business owners. Construction sites, heavy industrial areas, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals and airports may be particularly challenging environments with high levels of noise, leading to complaints and problems with local authorities. When […]

Company News
May 29, 2017

Sound Dampening Curtains

Sound Dampening Curtains Sound dampening curtains are a flexible blanket that helps reduce noise. With the development of economic and booming of construction industry, construction work is inevitable and vital. This is positive signal of recovery which we are all for. However, as usual, progress brings unavoidable side effects, and noise polution is one of […]

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