Custom Sound Curtains

Custom Sound Curtains

Our standard sound curtains work well for most projects. However, every project is different and every customer is different. Sometimes you wish to add something unique to your sound muffling curtains.

We can manufacture virtually any size, shape or color of the sound curtains in our design and manufacturing plants. We can place your company logo on each curtain, or print a spectacular design. So if you have won a large prestigious project contract, let your sound control curtains become a compelling statement about you brand to thousands of people passing by.

Full Color Printing

Our manufacturing plants offer full-color digital printing, providing high-resolution images on every single curtain. Printed on high quality wind and rain proof PVC material, we guarantee that the color will not fade.

Custom Design

We can make our manual sound curtains based on your specific requirements, whether you need to choose a unique shape for unusual project, or want to promote your brand, or to convey advertising information.

Brand Promotion

We can place your company logo on the soundproofing curtain to promote your organization. We can print the message you want the local community to hear.

Sound Curtains Accessories

Velcro is optional which can be used to seal the joints of between nearby pieces. Reflective strips on hanging blanket can be used as a warning to vehicles especially at night.

Express Your Brand

Let people know that you are working to reduce community noise pollution and express your brand through our soundproofing curtains. We can print your logo on each curtain and add a message to promote the organization. We can have acoustic curtains in your company’s color, or you can choose any color on the RAL spectrum to suit the surroundings.

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