Sound Blankets 3550 x 2000 mm

Sound Blankets With Grommets for Air Conditioner Heat Pump Sound Blanket

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General Details

Sound Blankets 3550 x 2000 mm

Our sound blankets are a premium product of our temporary noise reduction solution. Sound blanket, used as construction site temporary barrier, heat pump sound blanket, sound blanket for air conditioner and many other types of equipments, provides additional noise insulation and sound absorption for workers and communities to provide greater protection against noise pollution. They are lightweight and easy to install.

Easy to Install

Our sound blankets with grommets weigh only 5.4 kg/m2. Because of their intelligent design capabilities, they noise cancelling curtains are easy to hang on the hoarding, fence and wall.

Excellent Noise Absorption

Our sound blankets absorbs noise in a wide frequency range. Extensive testing proves that they can reduce up to STC 26, which makes them idea to be used as ac compressor sound blanket, air conditioner sound blanket, dishwasher sound blanket, etc.

Designed for Performance

Sound blankets have been scientifically developed to achieve maximum noise reduction in a variety of weather conditions. They are waterproof, flame retardant, and can withstand the temperature below zero.

Sound Blankets With Grommets For Air Conditioner Heat Pump Sound Blanket
What makes our sound blankets work?

Let’s take a look at how our temporary sound blankets provide market-leading performance with minimal weight.

Sound Absorber

The top-level lightweight acoustic wool inside made from the environmental friendly material prevents the noise from reflecting off the sound blankets.

Waterproof Front Layer

Very durable and waterproof, the highest quality PVC makes our sound attenuation blanket easy to clean and in a professional look.

Waterproof Breathable Fiberglass Cloth

This feature allows sound travel inside and but keeps the water out. Extend product life and maintain acoustical performance in harsh working conditions.

Acoustic Insulation Performance

The test results can help you determine the effectiveness of the sound blankets in reducing noise.