Professional Sound Blanket Acoustic Curtain Manufacturer in China

Aesthetic Design

Sound curtain products remain beautiful and keep looking great. Independent research proves that this helps to reduce noise complaints.

Up to 27dB of Noise Control

Our sophisticated sound blankets are used around the world, tested and proven to be capable of giving up to 27dB of noise control.

Quick Installation

They are fast deployment and assembly products, and are cheap soundproof blankets to transport and store.

Long Lasting

Our acoustic curtain products are rugged and will outlast comparable solutions. Life value is unmatched.

Customizable with Your Logo

Our temporary construction blanket can be branded with messages of your choice, communicating your ethos and brand to the public.

Waterproof and Anti-ultraviolet

Our industrial curtain can even endure the worst weather and will last for years. Approved as 100% waterproof, and works in -40ºC to 70ºC.



We continue to innovate, with the continuous improvement of research and development capabilities to expand the scope of market-leading solutions.

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Sound Blankets Acoustic Curtains have received positive feedback from customers.

In addition to construction noise, the sound insulating curtains also applies to concerts and festivals. It can reduce the noise that escapes from the incident and enter the nearby residential area.