October 2, 2017

Heavy Curtains for Soundproofing

Heavy Curtains for Soundproofing

Heavy Curtains for Soundproofing

Heavy curtains for soundproofing are a flexible curtain like blanket that can be hung around virtually any noise source for noise absorption and insulation. With years of experience, our acoustic engineers continue to research and develop heavy duty moving blankets to ensure that we maintain our market leadership in the industry.

We are proud to provide our customers with accurate and realistic information about the performance of our heavy curtains for soundproofing. The following provides background information about the performance of the heavy duty moving blankets so that you can make informed decisions about which solution best suits your needs.

Note: Please note that in many cases, some suppliers may provide information based on “ideal lab” conditions, rather than “real life” conditions.

In order to achieve the best acoustic performance, three factors need to be considered for noise absorbing curtains:

Heavy Curtains for Soundproofing
1. Absorption – The well-designed heavy curtain for soundproofing contains the sound-absorbing material on the noise source side to “absorb” the sound and minimize the reflection. The use of the material is important, such as safe handling and avoiding water absorption.

2. Mass – The mass of the heavy duty moving blanket used determines the noise attenuation, but only when the curtain is infinite big. Since this is not feasible, noise crosses the curtain, resulting in the optimum weight and size to achieve optimum attenuation.

The heavy curtains for soundproofing are designed to optimize acoustic properties in real life. When we say our curtain material is lightweight, it’s compared to traditional heavy soundproof material such as concrete. For excellent acoustic performance, the noise reducing curtains must be relatively heavy.

3. Geometry – The heavy curtain needs to be as close as possible to the noise source to maximize the “sound shadow”. We provide practical advice for installation for optimal performance.

Our heavy curtains for soundproofing use a special high-tech absorbent material made of polyester, which is safe, lightweight and durable.

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