May 29, 2017

Sound Dampening Curtains

Sound Dampening Curtains

Sound Dampening Curtains

Sound dampening curtains are a flexible blanket that helps reduce noise. With the development of economic and booming of construction industry, construction work is inevitable and vital. This is positive signal of recovery which we are all for. However, as usual, progress brings unavoidable side effects, and noise polution is one of them.

If have encountered one of the 4 kinds of situation below, you will wish you could know acoustic blankets sound dampening curtains earlier.

  • Building contractors feel frustrated when the project is being delayed and sometimes stopped until they can handle noise complaints, resulting in additional operating costs and negative company images.
  • Local authorities are not happy when they seeing record numbers of noise complaints, whether it is a warring neighbor, a dog barking or a noisy construction site.
  • Employees are worried when their colleagues’s health is being impacted due to frequent over-noise, and they don’t know if and when will this happen to them.
  • For the general public, leisure time, daily commuting or sleep are often affected by the noise of jackhammers and pneumatic drills.

As a leading manufacturer of sound dampening curtains, we may not be able to stop the neighbors from drilling the wall in the morning, but we can help reduce the noise from construction blanket site to residential buildings.

Sound Dampening Curtains
Our sound dampening curtains are flexible and easy to hang on the traditional wall hook. The sound dampening curtain can form a barrier wall which absorbs noise rather than reflect it. They can be scrolled for easy transportation and storage, and can be purchased from us or hired from local stores.

These sound dampen curtains are completely weatherproof, and their performance will not be reduced in the wet, cold or hot temperature.

In addition to large projects, sound blocking curtains are also ideal for busy city center sites, such as utility projects. As we all know that utilities work may be very close to shops and offices, and may involve very loud equipment such as pneumatic drilling. If you are a local authority or contractor and wish to show your responsibility to the community and wish to maintain peace at the time of noise-making projects carrying out, our sound dampening curtain can be branded with corporate logo and news related to your project.

To learn more about the industrial sound dampening curtains product portfolio and learn how to become an important part of future construction site management, please contact us.

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