October 2, 2017

Sound Deadening Blanket & Top 8 Noisy Jobs

Sound Deadening Blanket

As a company that provides noise management solutions sound deadening blanket for multiple industries, we identified 8 occupations that cause serious health problems.

With a noise level of up to 140 dB, the airport group crew is on the top of the list. The noise produced by jet engines in landing and taking off, which is more than 1,000 times the sound energy of a most shocking music activity. No. 3 is construction workers, who offer expose to loud noise at construction site all day. The loudest tool used was the hammer drill, which make an ear-broken 120dB noise.

As our sound deadening curtains have been introduced to induce such noise, public awareness of the noise problem is raising.

Years of noisy work has significantly increased the risk of severe hearing difficulties. Staff can always use earplugs or other hearing protection devices to protect the ears to reduce the risk, but employers need to be aware of how harmful noise pollution, not just for the staff.

Noise pollution can also have a devastating impact on people exposed to noisy workplaces such as construction sites, which can cause headaches, high stress levels, tinnitus, hearing loss, depression and insomnia. Our sound deadening blanket significantly reduces the impact of noise pollution on local communities.

Sound Deadening Blanket


1. Airport ground personnel – 140dB

You may have noticed their colored earmuffs, which are not fashion accessories, but a very necessary security device.

2. Formula One Drivers – 135dB

The drivers in front of the engine handles noise levels up to 135 dB.

3. Construction Workers – 120dB

We all know how noisy the construction site is. The loudest tool was identified as a hammer drill, which generates a 120dB noise. Click here for more about noise blanket solution.

4. Night club staff – 115dB

Barmen working for hours at nightclub can be subjected to 115dB of noise.

5. Rock star – 110dB

During the concerts and rehearsals, some bands and singers are exposed to 110db on stage. Noise deadening curtains or moving blankets sound deadening
sheets can help reduce noise in live events.

6. Factory and farm workers – 105dB

Exposed to noise up to 105dB, people who work with loud machines often suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus. Our sound deadening blanket and compressor blanket have also being used to help reduce machine noise.

7. Commuter tone – 85dB

This is not a real job, but the music on the headphones while traveling up to 85dB may be harmful to hearing.

8. Nursery or teacher – 85dB

A group of 30 children can be exceptionally noisy. Nursery workers and teachers may be subject to excessive noise up to 85dB. Sustained and prolonged exposure may damage the inner ear.

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