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Industrial Curtains Noise Curtains Industrial Absorbing Sound Curtain

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Industrial Curtains

Our temporary industrial curtains provide a simple, fast and efficient noise control solution for the oil and gas industry. They reduce the noise pollution of drilling operations, shale gas exploration and fracturing sites by 90% and are effective in the plant control room. Industrial sound curtains are easy to install, which is ideal for maintenance work.

Industrial Sound Curtains Consultation

Our acoustics engineers will help you with the most effective industrial curtains methods to protect the health of workers and neighborhoods. The correct noise curtains industrial version can reduce shale gas exploration and fracturing noise by 26 dB. Protecting local communities from excessive noise means fewer obstacles to ensure planning permission.

The need to drill new wells throughout the fracturing operation may be a challenge for noise control. Our sound curtains industrial pattern solves this problem. The insulated curtains are very easy to install and move, so it is easy to close it to the noise source, so that it can work with the highest efficiency.

With the world’s leading noise reduction and absorption, our temporary industrial curtain will protect workers in the health of more standard drilling operations, especially when assembling, maintaining or replacing oil refineries.

Industrial Curtains Noise Curtains Industrial Absorbing Sound Curtain
Health and Safety

The industrial curtains help protect workers from occupational health and safety problems caused by continued exposure to noise in drilling and maintenance activities. Industrial curtain products are also effective in shielding workers’ accommodation and control rooms, avoiding the noise generated by machinery, pumps and generators.

Operations Manager

Our experts will design flexible, highly mobile industrial curtains to meet the needs of oil and gas facilities and maintenance. Our industrial curtains are waterproof, easy to clean and fireproof, which makes them easy to use and store in difficult conditions. The noise dampening curtains can be effectively used in command centers and around the workplace to prevent internal and external noise sources.

The fast installation and disassembly make it the best solution for providing temporary protection for maintenance teams.