Soundproof Blanket for Demolition

Soundproofing Blankets With Grommets Acoustic Soundproof Blanket Moving Blankets For Soundproofing

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Soundproof Blanket for Demolition

Our acoustic experts have designed temporary acoustic soundproof blanket to meet the unique challenges of demolition work. With industry-leading noise reduction and superior sound absorption capabilities, our soundproof blankets sheets can help protect neighbors and workers.

Excavator is a main noisy machine in demolition. When using excavators with a hydraulic breaker attachment, the noise created comes from both the engine of the excavator and the breaker attachment which can result in noise levels of over 100dB (A). Imagine what happens if the noisy machines are surrounded by soundproof blanket.

Noise Control Consultation

Often exposed to loud noise may permanently disrupt human hearing. Equipment noise in demolition is quite a problem for workers, as brick, concrete, tile and other peripheral materials will intensify the situation. Our acoustics engineers will work with you to find an effective way with acoustic curtains to protect your workers and neighborhood communities from noise pollution and the harmful effects of dust.

We can suggest the moving blankets for soundproofing to prevent noise go through ceilings and walls when working on high-rise buildings. We can help you find a mobile solution that ensures that your temporary moving blankets soundproof blanket can be close to the noise source, regardless of its location on the site.

Soundproofing Blankets With Grommets Acoustic Soundproof Blanket Moving Blankets For Soundproofing


Make sure that workers and residents are protected from demolition noise is one of the first thing to consider. Our soundproofing blankets with grommets are just right for these purposes.

For Architect

Our technical input can help you show the specific noise control plan with soundproof blanket for any noisy demolition work that you need to make before you start a new development.

Health and Safety Experts

You can rely on our advice to help protect the on-site staff and local residents with sound proof blankets from the harmful effects of the large number of equipment required for demolition work.