Acoustic Curtains

Acoustic Curtains Echo Curtains Acoustic Curtain Wall Noise Block

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Acoustic Curtains

The acoustic curtains can be used to completely or partially enclose the noise source. Acoustic block curtains control noise by preventing sound transmitting and absorbing sound energy. They can be hung on a frame near noise sources. Mobile echo curtains can be made by simply hanging them on a frame with wheels.

The industrial acoustic curtains are fast and economical to install, while providing greater noise reduction than any other similar size and weight material.

Acoustic Curtains are used to:

Isolate or surround a noisy device
Divide noisy work areas with other areas
Prevent dust, smoke and splash pollution
Isolate or encircle equipment and bystanders

Acoustic Curtain Application

Noise enclosures
acoustic curtains for construction site
acoustic curtains partition
Movable acoustic curtains screens
acoustical curtain divider
Sound barrier curtain

Acoustic Curtains Echo Curtains Acoustic Curtain Wall Noise Block

Our Acoustical Curtains Features and Benefits

Temporary soundproof walls are one type of acoustic curtains commonly used. The acoustic block curtains structure is easy to apply to the partition of the factory machines, such as low noise working room can be isolated from loud noise workshop so that 2 people exposed to loud noise is better than 10.

The acoustic curtains are made of materials that can withstand the effects of outdoor environments and are an effective to prevent noise from traffic noise, refrigeration or air conditioning plants and can be used to block neighbors’ noise to you or your noise to them.

Acoustic Curtains Characteristics

Excellent acoustic performance
Very durable sound blocking curtains
Can be used for pipe lagging
Customize your specific requirements
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
Can be hung as sheets
Various sizes and thicknesses

Our acoustic curtain wall can be assembled to provide an effective soundproof enclosure. The acoustic curtains can be installed around the internal machinery, external machinery, etc.

We also offers a range of mobile acoustic curtains for noise control or intermittent use of machinery when a particular process occurs. Moving noise-dampening curtains are economic solutions for workplace noise control, where each process may require noise reduction one after the other. The moving acoustic curtain can be moved from each process in order to allow effective noise control with minimal equipment and cost, and they can be easily moved to the storage area when they are not needed.

Acoustic curtains are tailored to your exact size and environmental requirements. Once the solution is selected, they can be quickly manufactured, supplied, and installed.

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