Noise Reducing Curtains

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Noise Reducing Curtains

The concept of noise reducing curtains and its working principle is not really complicated. It is a curtain: a flexible surface made of acoustic transparent material, acoustic absorption material and acoustic insulation material.

Noise reduction blanket forms a barrier wall when it’s installed in place. The sound reacts to the wall in three ways: Reflected (bounce off), absorbed or transmitted (through the barrier to the other side).

The higher the noise reducing curtains wall, the more effective the surface area to complete all three things. Since no walls are infinitely high, so a certain proportion of the sound passes through the top of the wall, which is called diffraction, effectively jumping the fence into the suburbs.

If the heavy noise reducing curtains are effectively textured, it can also diffuse the sound so that it can be scattered in various directions, which can further help reduce noise. This is why our new generation of curtains for noise reduction has diamond like textures. Care must be taken to ensure that the re-radiation of the diffuse sound does not increase the number of sounds that can pass through the wall.

Noise Reducing Curtains
According to experts, in order to achieve 5 dB noise reduction, a barrier must be established at the line of sight (and hearing) of an averge adult. Every meter above the line of sight will reduce the sound by 1.5 dB. This is achieved by noise absorbing curtains wall reducing the noise energy that can be diffracted through the wall. However, in reality, our noise reducing curtain has a standard height of 2400mm, to increase 2m to get additional 3dB is not cost effective. So 2400mm is good enough for most projects.

Noise Reducing Curtains Applications

Civil – To reduce the noise of street works and maintenance as construction blanket
IndustrialIndustrial noise reduction curtains for equipments
Events – Minimize noise in large festivals concerts, and activities
Road Maintenance – Reduces noise interference to adjacent residents
Construction – Reduce construction site noise from Excavator & Peckers, Road Saws, etc.