Insulated Curtains

Noise Insulated Curtains Sound Insulating Curtains For Noise Control

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General Details

Insulated Curtains

The main structure of insulated curtains is optimal thickness and density of PVC, hand-stitched to ensure its maximum strength. The backing material is a unique waterproof lining in diamond pattern. Thus the rain can’t go inside easily and the unique performance acoustic wool inside does not deteriorate with the aging and wear of the barrier. This is particularly useful when sound insulated curtains are used as protective fences at construction site in extreme weather conditions.

Key Features of Insulated Curtains

Simple and fast installation
Absorb sound and waterproof
Can add brand and slogans
Flame retardant sound blankets
Lightweight and easy to handle
Fixing accessories available
Reflective Strips available to help with night visibility
Rolled design for easy compact storage and transportation

Functions of Noise Insulated Curtains

Reduce noise complaints
Improve working conditions for employees
Enhance the company’s reputation
Reduce project schedules and costs
Extended construction site working hours

Noise Insulated Curtains Sound Insulating Curtains For Noise Control

Technical Data

Acoustic performance: 26 dB Noise reduction (greater if the barrier is doubled)
Size (flat): 2.4m high x 1.2m wide
Weight: 5.4 kg/m2

In addition to construction noise, the sound insulating curtains also applies to concerts and festivals. It can reduce the noise that escapes from the incident and enter the nearby residential area. You can also use the barrier to separate the various stages, preventing the music sound from one stage area from to another, which pollutes each other.

If you are offering construction tools rental service, insulated curtain can be a new product in your collection. Depending on the life of the project or the company’s use of their needs in further projects, some contractors may wish to rent the noise insulated curtains for short term use. You can store them in the warehouse and delivered directly to the site. The acoustic curtains can be removed immediately after completion. Click here if you are interested in distribution of this product.

All the quotations of insulated curtains we provide are based on the project, depending on the size of the noise reduction required and the area covered by the barrier. Please contact us if you are in need of mobile noise control solution.