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Sound Proof Blankets

Noise may have a negative impact on health. Sound proof blankets are a new product for noise reduction.

Infrastructure upgrading happens every day in big cities. You only need to stand in front of a construction site or in your neighborhood near the utility project. There is no doubt that you have to hold your ears to soften the effects of pneumatic drills when you walk through the gas pipes maintain works or feel a headache for a few hours due to the nearby noise. Our exterior sound blanket can make a difference to this.

Educate construction industry with soundproofing curtains for noise reduction

Cost-effective noise reduction solutions sound proof blankets have achieved great success in developed countries and more and more construction contractors have put noise reduction in their field management plans.

Since the launch of construction blanket in 2012, we have been working hard to educate the construction industry both within China and in some other countries, and the sound control blankets solution should be part of any project management plan, not just these developed countries.

Sound Proof Blankets

Integrated Sound Proof Blankets

Integrating noise abatement products into on-site management not only protects the health of employees and local communities, but also help the construction company win positive image. With outdoor sound blankets around the construction site, local people, customers, and potential customers immediately see the effort the company is trying to reduce the noise thoughtfully.

Over the years, we have seen stories about local residents complaining about local construction and infrastructure projects noise in the press. Some companies work closely with us to integrate anti noise curtains solution and get positive feedback to increase project and return business, not to mention projects that do not have a single complaint throughout the work.

However, the contractors who make a lot of noise, drill outside of working hours, and disrupt local residents are currently have a higher record level of noise complaints.

Through our noise muffling curtains marketing, we are doing our best to explain “why” and “what” and “when” to do noise reduction and work with contractors to protect the health of employees and locals. We believe as the time goes on, large contractors, specifiers and local authorities in more countries will be more stressful and take the noise seriously and take action. If not, people’s health is risky.

To learn more about our lightweight, weatherproof and flexible sound proof blankets and noise enclosures, please contact us.